Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to manufacture and deliver better batteries. In order to achieve our goal, we focus on activities that make sense and that satisfy our clients’ requirements in excellent quality and offer overall benefit. We are developing and handing over our expertise. Thanks to our employees’ flexible approach, we are building permanent values and helping our partners on their path to success and personal happiness.


Our vision is to be a key player on the market. We have a quality technical background, a qualified team, and strong financial position. We stand close to our clients and offer them a range of high-quality products and complex service. We work to succeed both locally and abroad. Our company is well-known and our quality, professionalism, and flexibility are recognized and respected. We are a demanded and respected employer.


Quality – quality for us means top technical parameters, on-time and reliable deliveries and complex and professional services that respect the global context.
Efficiency – efficiency equals a continuous improvement of all processes and external and internal relationships
Fair play – we play fair with ourselves, our partners and our community.
Meaningfulness – our work has a deeper meaning, which is a prerequisite for long-term sustainable mutually beneficial relationships.