Quality policy

Bary Power focuses on the production, sale, and servicing of lead-acid accumulators and various types of industrial batteries and battery accessories.

Bary Power’s management declares its quality policy to support the quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001 norm, as a functional tool for management and expansion of corporate strategies. The quality policy is an integral part of all operating processes and helps efficiently boost the firm’s position by existing clients, as well as potential acquisitions on new markets.

Focus on environment-friendliness and accent on safety and health protection at work and during all activities performed by the company is an integrated part of the quality policy. The quality policy is therefore closely linked to the fulfilment of the environmental management system according to ISO14001 norm and safety and health protection system according to OHSAS18001. Bary Power’s management views the norms as essential directives closely linked to its visions and strategies.

The quality policy sets the basic principles and goals for achieving a high quality of delivered products and securing maximum satisfaction of customers. The quality policy is significantly determined by environment-friendly management and attention to safety and health protection at work.

Bary Power’s quality policy is based on responsible approach, professional competence and focuses on customer requirements, with the following goals:

  1. Top quality of products
  2. Fast and reliable delivery
  3. Technical support and professional consulting
  4. Adequate warranties and after-sales services
  5. Customer satisfaction and implementation of customer requirements into corporate strategies

The quality policy is binding for all employees of Bary Power Technology Co., Ltd.  The firm audits and evaluates the efficiency of its activities regularly and aims to fulfil its goals by planning responsibly.